Our Mission is to be a socially, environmentally and economically Sustainable Farm - a model that sows the seeds of Sustainability to the Individual, to the Family, to the Business community and to Society as a whole.

Diversity of life, which brings balance and health

Organic farms are different than conventional farms and one can notice this the moment you step afoot. They look dirty! Pristine perfect militant rows of one seemingly organized crop is NOT organic – at least not a healthy organic system. By definition organic farming asks for diversity of life, which brings balance and health. Picture bugs, trees, animals; one of our favorite clients once joked, “there are so many birds that they are annoying.” The idea is feeding the soil and the eco-system rather than just feeding the plant.

Technically speaking the word organic in the business world means simply no agro-toxic chemicals. At FAF we believe that it encompasses a paradigm shift in the way of viewing agriculture. Proving that it is possible to do organics at a high quality level AND financially viable is what motivates us everyday.

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