Our Mission is to be a socially, environmentally and economically Sustainable Farm - a model that sows the seeds of Sustainability to the Individual, to the Family, to the Business community and to Society as a whole.


Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza

Our 'coffee house' on the farm, our cupping lab is the first stop in the analyses and selection of fafcoffees lots. The lab is a fully equipped specialty coffee cupping lab and it is here where all of our partner farmers bring their samples to be analyzed. We utilize the Cropster software system to organize and track progress.


Nestled in the heart of São Paulo city, our Fafstudio lab is also fully equipped for all things regarding to sensory analyses. In addition it is home to our own roasted brand ‘Isso é Café’. Thus, we showcase how we roast and brew our coffees!

FAF Coffees